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Guide for Dietary Fiber Analysis
For the latest information on Megazyme products for dietary fiber analysis, plus an overview of dietary fiber: methods for measurement, composition and regulation. This guide will help you to identify the most appropriate analytical method and associated Megazyme products for your analysis.

Dietary fiber definition

What is Dietary Fiber?
See how dietary fiber is defined and the different ways that it can be classified, from bulk properties right down to the fine chemical structure of its components.

dietary fiber history

History of Dietary Fiber and Dietary Fiber Measurement Methodology
Learn about the origins of the concept of dietary fiber and how its definition has changed over time. Learn also about how the practical methods for the analysis of dietary fiber have changed over the years to keep pace with the changing definition as the body of scientific knowledge in this area increased.

how to measure dietary fiber

Measurement of Dietary Fiber
An in-depth look at the current state of the art in relation to measurement of dietary fiber is given here. Comparisons between the current reference method (McCleary Method, AOAC 2009.01) and the previous gold standard (Prosky Method, AOAC 985.29) are discussed along with a brief overview of the measurement of individual dietary fiber components.

dietary fiber health benefits

Dietary Fiber Health Benefits
It is well known that dietary fiber is an important part of a healthy diet but what is the scientific basis for this fact and what exactly are the associated benefits?

dietary fiber regulation

Dietary Fiber Regulations
There is huge interest in the topic of dietary fiber at the moment in terms of how it affects food manufacturers with respect to their nutrition facts labelling. A brief overview is given of the regulations that have been enacted in this regard in a host of countries around the globe. The current situation in the United States and European Union is examined in greater detail with information on requirements for nutrient content claims and health claims.

dietary fiber articles

Megazyme Dietary Fiber Publications
Megazyme has established itself as the global leader in the area of dietary fiber methodology over the past 20 years. A collection of the key papers published by Megazyme over this time can be found here.

dietary fiber purity and quality

Dietary Fiber Reagent Quality and Purity
At Megazyme, we have always prided ourselves on the quality of our reagents. Highlighted here are some key comparisons between the dietary fiber reagents sold by Megazyme and those sold by our competitors.

Advanced Dietary Fiber Book

Advanced Dietary Fiber Technology
In 2008, an international team of eminent, leading-edge scientists in the field of dietary fiber, including many guest speakers from the "Dietary Fiber – 2000" Conference, were assembled to write the dietary fiber state-of-the art book - "Advanced Dietary Fiber Technology”, published by Blackwell Science.