Analytical Services


In response to numerous requests from customers, Megazyme now offers non-routine, specialised analytical services to customers on a case by case basis. The major aim of this service is to assist other research and analytical laboratories in the implementation and adoption of the analytical procedures offered by Megazyme. However, in cases where the Megazyme method is to be applied to non-standard materials, Megazyme offers an analytical/research service. 


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Analysis of Carbohydrates and Related Substances

  • Sugars.

  • Monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, etc).

  • Sugar alcohols (sorbitol, mannitol, lactitol, etc).

  • Disaccharides (maltose, lactose, sucrose, trehalose, etc).

  • Starch dextrins.


  • Starches, resistant starch, β-glucan, fructan, etc.

  • Gums (guar, locust bean gum, glucomannan).

  • Pectin (identification).


  • Sorbitol.

  • Xylitol.

  • Aspartame.