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Validated Methods

Megazyme methods have been conferred validation by various international standard organisations, as listed below.
In addition to these formally recognised methods, a large number of our assay kits are based on principles recognised by national and regional standards authorities (such as EU Norms) or major industry bodies, e.g. the International Dairy Federation and MEBAK. All relevant accreditations can be found on the individual product pages.

AACC International is a global non-profit association working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and its product development applications.  AOAC International is a global independent non-profit association which provides an analytical platform for finding appropriate science-based solutions for its members as analytical needs arise The European Brewery Convention is the scientific and technological arm of The Brewers of Europe Its mission is to facilitate knowledge creation transfer and collaboration among its partners beer producers and academic organisations for the benefit of the brewing sector consumers and the community in general The RACI is the professional body representing the chemical sciences in Australia.  The organisation advocates the positive importance of chemistry to the public educational establishments industry and government.  In addition to promoting the science and practice of chemistry the RACI acts as the qualifying body for professional chemists in Australia. ICC is an independent non-profit organisation committed to the advancement of cereal science and technology.  The core objectives of ICC are to promote the results of research to expand and improve the utilisation of cereals and to validate and standardise relevant test methods.  ICC also focuses on issues that contribute to improved food quality food safety and food security.