Megazyme has made significant strides over the past decade, establishing itself as a key player in the manufacture and supply of enzymatic bio-analysis test kits for the food and beverage industries.

This progress has identified significant areas of potential which remain to be exploited. For a biotechnology company with ambition and vision, there lies ahead an exciting future: the test kit market for nutritional labelling is increasingly driven by consumer demand for labelling and health claims on all consumer goods. Markets for substrates used in enzymatic analysis are expanding.  

It is in this context that Megazyme presents the following vision and mission statement:  

Corporate Vision

“Megazyme will establish positions of leadership in its chosen diagnostics segments through a combination of technological innovation, exceptional service and full technical support”

Mission Statement

​Our Mission is:

“to maintain our position as the leading world manufacturer and supplier of enzymatic bio-analysis test kits and reagents for the food, feed, dairy, beverage and allied industries”


  • producing the highest purity enzymes, by conventional purification and recombinant technologies, to exacting standards and employing these in our test kits, allowing consistent, reliable and accurate results.

  • gaining approval and validation of our standard methods by international scientific bodies such as: CODEX, AOAC, AACC, RACI, EBC and ICC.

  • making strategic investments in R&D, seeking new applications for our existing range of products and driving the expansion and diversification of our product portfolio into new sectors and markets.

  • offering value-added customer service and technical support via our commitment to E-business and internet technologies.

  • constantly and energetically seeking to improve our TQM system, reinforcing our dedication for product and process improvement.

  • maintaining a high quality workforce with equal opportunities for all.