The new Phytase Assay Kit from Megazyme

New K-PHYTASE Assay Kit News Megazyme

The Phytase Assay Kit (K-PHYTASE) method is a simple, quantitative method which can be used to measure phytase activity.

The Megazyme method has significant advantages over other phytic acid tests that are currently on the market. 


The absence of toxic chemicals – A safe and convenient method requiring less reagents preparation and removing the handling of toxic chemicals.
Simpler format – No standard curve required and an enzymatic assay format based on our K-PHOS detection method using a standard UV spectrophotometer.
High sensitivity – Increased sensitivity when compared to routinely used chemical methods. 
High repeatability and accuracy – A desalting step can be used to reduce blanks and improve accuracy when measuring low enzyme levels. 


Area           Application
Animal Feed Manufacturers           To measure phytase levels in animal feed products. Phytases convert the anti-nutrient phytic acid into phosphates which are essential for animal growth. The use of phytases reduces the need for inorganic phosphates addition in feeds which has an impact on the environment.
Enzyme Manufacturers      For the discovery and development of new phytase products and routine phytase analysis.  
Research To allow enzyme characterisation and routine analysis in research studies involving the use of phytases.
Commercial Laboratories For the analysis of phytases in animal feed and other matrices.  A simpler and safer method that is ideal for high throughput testing.

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