Megazyme’s ‘Starch’ Publication: Top 10% Wiley Downloads 2019


Megazyme is a leader in providing innovative analytical solutions. We invest heavily in R&D to address analytical challenges for real industrial problems. The level of interest in our research on improved analytical measurements for total starch determination has led to our recent publication, 'Measurement of Starch: Critical Evaluation of Current Methodology', being one of the Top 10% of papers downloaded from Wiley in 2019.

In this paper, an updated version of AOAC Method 996.11, termed the Rapid Total Starch Method, has been compared to the traditional AOAC Method 996.11 and AOAC Method 2014.10 for the measurement of total starch. This “new” method has been shown to be as statistically robust as the former methods, but to be simpler to use, faster to run and more robust. The method is offered commercially as Rapid Total Starch Method (K-TSTA).

Key Elements and Research Findings
Recently, several questions have been raised, concerning possible complications in starch analytical methods. In this paper, each of these concerns including starch hydrolysis, isomerisation of maltose to maltulose, effective hydrolysis of maltodextrins by amyloglucosidase, enzyme purity and hydrolysis of sucrose and beta-glucans have been addressed. 

In addition, this study demonstrates that the updated version of AOAC Method 996.11 is a reliable, robust and reproducible method which now encompasses significant advances over the original AOAC Method 996.11 including improved sample handling and the advantage of performing starch liquefaction and dextrinization steps at the same pH.

The result is an even more user-friendly method for measurement of starch, Rapid Total Starch Method (K-TSTA).

Measurement of Starch: Critical Evaluation of Current Methodology

Rapid Total Starch Method (K-TSTA)