AGF Online Meeting 21st April. Prof. McCleary: Total Carbohydrate Measurement

Starch Convention

ONLINE: Starch Convention & Bioethanol and Bioconversion Technology Meeting.
21st April. 3:00-7:30 pm (CET)

AGF have announced the first online conference in the history of their association. From the original program of the Starch and Bioethanol/Bioconversion-Convention, nine presenters have chosen the opportunity to hold their lecture online on Tuesday, 21st April, from 3 pm to 7:30 pm (CET).

Professor Barry McCleary will present @ 4.00 pm (CET)
Measurement of total carbohydrates in food samples, including dietary fibre and available carbohydrates
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What will Prof. Barry McCleary be speaking about?
Broadly speaking, all carbohydrates can be divided into two groups - those that are digested by humans and those that are not.

Digestible carbohydrates are termed “available” and include simple sugars such glucose, fructose, lactose, galactose, sucrose, maltose and the digestible portion any starch present in food.

Non-digestible carbohydrates such as β-glucan, fructan, arabinoxylan and pectin, pass through the small intestine to the colon where they are fermented by gut microorganisms, often producing beneficial physiological effects. Non-digestible carbohydrates constitute the vast majority of what we call dietary fiber.

Identifying the accurate available carbohydrate and dietary fiber content in a food sample is a challenging analytical problem that relies on using an in-vitro enzymatic incubation that accurately represents the digestion process in the human body.

In this talk, Prof. Barry McCleary will be discussing the latest analytical methodology developed for this purpose and outlining the methods that have recently been developed for the measurement of dietary fiber (K-RINTDF), available carbohydrates (K-AVCHO), digestible starch (K-DSTRS) and resistant starch (K-RAPRS).

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