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The surge in consumers’ interest towards beers with low ethanol content has become a consolidated trend worldwide over the past few years. Beers labelled as ‘low-alcohol’, ‘alcohol-free’, ‘non-alcoholic’, ‘dealcoholised’ or ‘zero’ are being produced by an increasing number of manufacturers. Regardless of the wording on labels, which is imposed by national regulatory bodies, manufacturers must ensure that ethanol levels are measured correctly in order to sell beers having low alcohol claims on the label.

Megazyme understands the labelling needs of manufacturers and provides two assay kits for the accurate measurements of ethanol, even at low levels such as those in ‘low-alcohol’ and ‘alcohol-free’ beers. Our kits are already widely used in the brewing industry and for other ‘low-alcohol’ beverages such as Kombucha.

K-ETOH used with AOAC Method 2019.08 (Visit product page)
K-ETOHLQR used with AOAC Method 2017.07 (Visit product page)

Not sure which kit to choose?
The table below highlights the differences between both products to help you choose which is more suitable to meet your needs.

Ethanol No Alcohol free Table