COVID-19: Supply Statement

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We are getting an increasing number of requests and concerns from our customers about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on our supply of Megazyme products.

Megazyme has taken proactive steps to ensure that everything in our control has been done to ensure consistent supply through this uncertain period.

  • All products are in stock and available on our website.
  • We have multi-year stocks of raw materials and bulk finished goods in place to see us through this event.
  • Megazyme has taken necessary measures internally to protect employees against contamination and to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Ireland is currently a low risk region.  Our government has taken proactive measures to ensure that the spread does not escalate.  This includes the closure of schools, colleges and public facilities.

As part of our standard business continuity planning for ‘worst case scenarios’, we have put a variety of measures and contingency plans in place (people, processes etc.) to ensure uninterrupted supply to our customers in the future.

The only element of ‘continued supply’ that is outside our control is with our supply partners, DHL.  We are in constant contact with DHL and receive daily updates on their logistics.

Should you have any specific queries please contact