AACCI President Elect

It is a great honor to have been selected by my colleagues, the members of AACCI, as President Elect of our Association. Thank you for your confidence in my ability to look after our Association. I have been a member of AACCI for 18 years, and I am delighted to say that in each of these years, my link with AACCI has been positive and rewarding. The growth of my business has been largely due to this great association. My personal interest is, and has always been, development and validation of methodology of use in the cereals, food, beverage and related industries. In these developments, I have worked very closely with you, the members of AACCI. I see that my major contributions to the Association will be at the scientific level by an extension of these efforts and the provision of improved technical support through scientific/technical workshops, and the development of improved aids for our methodology, including training videos and calculators.

This is a challenging and exciting time to be taking charge of our Association. The global financial crisis will make it more difficult to obtain funds to maintain and improve our commitment to our members, so new and focused strategies will be required. We will need to be more aware of the cost and benefit of our commitments; but always remembering that we are here to serve the international cereals industries. These challenges will help us to become more efficient, which will be of benefit to our Association into the future. In small business, a focus on quality and value for money are the rules of the day. I plan to use these principles as my guide in my role within AACCI.

Over the next three years, I will focus on supporting the excellent initiatives already begun; a focus on good science and improved methodology. We have exceptional people within AACCI headquarters and heading our various working groups. I will support them in every way possible.

Barry V. McCleary

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