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Total Sulfite Assay Kit (Liquid Ready)

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00:02  Introduction & Kit Description
00:55  Theory of Assay Procedure
01:16    Standards & Calibration Curves
01:31    Preparation of the single point standard
03:30   Preparation of the Calibration Curve
06:20   Assay Procedure
09:42   Total Sulphite Calculations

Total Sulfite Assay Kit K-TSULPH Scheme
Product code: K-TSULPH

80 assays (manual) / 800 assays (microplate) / 800 assays (auto-analyser)

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Content: 80 assays (manual) / 800 assays (microplate) / 800 assays (auto-analyser)
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Short term stability: Ambient,
Long term stability: See individual component labels
Stability: > 6 months under recommended storage conditions
Analyte: Total Sulfite
Assay Format: Spectrophotometer, Microplate, Auto-analyser
Detection Method: Absorbance
Wavelength (nm): 405
Signal Response: Increase
Linear Range: 0.25 to 20 µg of TSO2 per assay
Limit of Detection: ~ 5.28 mg/L
Total Assay Time: ~ 6 min
Application examples: Wine, fruit juice, sea food, food stuffs and other materials.
Method recognition: Validated for red and white wines at the Bundesamt für Weinbau, Austria. Used widely in the wine industry

The Total Sulfite test kit for the determination of total sulfite (sulphite) in wine, beverages, food stuffs and other materials. A rapid, simple, reliable and accurate method for the measurement and analysis of total sulfite.

Supplied as a “ready to use” liquid stable formulation that is suitable for manual, auto-analyser and microplate formats.

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Scheme-K-TSULPH TSULPH Megazyme

  • ”Ready to use" liquid stable formulation 
  • Very competitive price (cost per test) 
  • All reagents stable for > 18 months 
  • Very rapid reaction 
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing 
  • Standard included 
  • Suitable for manual, microplate and auto-analyser formats
Certificate of Analysis
Safety Data Sheet
FAQs Assay Protocol Data Calculator Validation Report

Method Validation and Assessment of Hazardous Substances and Quality Control Characteristics in Traditional Fruit Wines.

Baek, C. W., Chang, H. J. & Lee, J. H. (2022). Foods, 11(19), 3047.

The presence of potentially hazardous substances in fruit wines poses a threat for human health. However, the management standards and specifications of hazardous substances contained within various types of fruit wines are currently insufficient. The aim of this study was to analyze hazardous substances (cyanide, acetaldehyde, and ethyl carbamate) and quality control characteristics (pH, titratable acidity, sulfur dioxide, and diacetyl) in seven different types of fruit wines. The pH levels and titratable acidity varied between fruit wine types. In all fruit wines, sulfur dioxide (SO2) was within acceptable ranges as per the Korean standard. Acetaldehyde content also varied between fruit wine types as well as based on the analytical method (titration or enzymatic analysis) employed. Cyanide was in the range of 0.02-0.35 mg/L. Diacetyl contents were in the range of 0.66–2.95 mg/L (p > 0.05). The contents of ethyl carbamate varied considerably, within the range of 5.22–259.69 μg/kg (p < 0.05). The analytical methods of diacetyl and ethyl carbamate were validated for specificity, linearity, sensitivity, accuracy, and precision. Therefore, the content of hazardous substances and quality control characteristics should be closely monitored and controlled to improve safety and quality of the traditional fruit wines.

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Safety Information
Symbol : Not Applicable
Signal Word : Not Applicable
Hazard Statements : Not Applicable
Precautionary Statements : Not Applicable
Safety Data Sheet
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