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Three reasons why your winery needs to start testing in-house

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1. Cost saving
Running a test in-house is, on average, 88% cheaper (per test) than sending it to an external laboratory.

2. Rapid results
Our wine test kits produce a reaction in as little as 3 minutes, allowing you to respond to the results in real time - unlike the 2-3 day turnaround for results from a laboratory.

3. Flexibility
With your own testing facility, you can test as frequently as needed, not just at crucial stages of production. This allows you to check samples within the same vintage as well as between batches.

Analyte  Cost per
Sulphites (Total and Free)  $2.06
Acetic Acid   $3.27
Acetaldehyde   $3.28
Fructose/Glucose (Reducing
L-Malic Acid   $2.07
Nitrogen (Ammonia) $0.55 
Nitrogen (PAN)  $1.62
Tartaric Acid $1.08
Cost per assay
From day 1, setting up an in-house laboratory means quicker and cheaper test results available at a moment’s notice - without compromising on precision.

Our loyal customers include some of the biggest names in the
wine industry. It’s easy to see why: Megazyme kits give you access to internationally-approved and industry-standard methods at an extremely competitive price.

Even accounting for the initial investment in equipment, in-house analysis with Megazyme generates savings by the 100th assay - for wineries of any size.

How to Get Started

Megazyme offers a complete wine laboratory straight out of the box - ideal for wineries that want to establish a comprehensive and high-quality analytical capability in-house.

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Is the MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack right for your winery?         Product Code: D-MQWAVE-2

  • Quicker and cheaper than any external wine laboratory
  • Analysis-ready straight out of the box
  • All associated equipment included
  • Perfect for use with Megazyme test kits
  • Pre-programmed with protocols for all Megazyme Wine tests
  • Step-by-step instructions for every test
MegaQuant Wave Starter Pack

The MegaQuant™ Wave Starter Pack includes everything you need to start using Megazyme’s bestselling test kits at your winery.

The Starter Pack is based around our MegaQuant™ Wave
spectrophotometer (featured in detail below) and is designed to help
small and medium wineries get started with enzymatic testing.

Megazyme’s wine assay kits are recognised internationally for their
research-driven novel methods and their exceptional component

That means precise results every time at your winery, using top quality test materials and cutting-edge techniques.

                      Starter Pack Contents

MegaQuant™ Wave spectrophotometer
Top-of-the-range Gilson Pipetman Kit (Pipette P20, P200 and P1000)
Test tubes for the MegaQuant Wave and test tube rack
PVPP tablets

Polypropylene tubes (13 mL and 30 mL)
Volumetric flasks 100 mL 
Megazyme timer
Filter papers
Plastic funnels

                         your choice of Megazyme kit 

Experience the Megazyme difference every step of the way, including:

  • same-day despatch with expedited worldwide shipping as standard,
  • market-leading product performance, and
  • best-in-class technical and scientific support once you’re up and running, through our 'Ask a Scientist portal', online Knowledge Base, and Youtube channel
Start your winery laboratory today with Megazyme: setting new standards in test technology.

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The MegaQuant™ Wave chemistry analyser

Our revolutionary MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer (product code D-MQWAVE-1) is the perfect investment for any wine laboratory, and is available either as a standalone analyser or as part of our Starter Pack.                                                                                     

Wine and Vines

As featured in Wines and Vines magazine, January 2018 issue.

MegaQuant Wave Starter Pack
Key features

The MegaQuant™ Wave is a robust, compact, benchtop visible spectrometer available at
a highly competitive price. The Wave is suitable for carrying out a huge range of tests and
measurements, operating as a standard spectrophotometer in absorbance mode.

Unique software
Its built-in software - engineered exclusively for Megazyme - is designed for ease of use and for advanced functionality, accommodating sequential reactions by offering the capability of up to four absorbance readings per sample.

Pre-installed protocols

The full list of Megazyme assay kits with pre-installed protocols can be found on our website: over 60 kits at the time of printing and continually expanding.

  • ease of use for the analyst with on-board step-by-step instructions,
  • fully automated calculation of results, even accounting for individual sample dilution, and 
  • optional half-volume assays when using Megazyme kits, doubling the number of assays possible per kit.

The MegaQuant Wave is supplied with an extensive range of pre-installed protocols covering most of Megazyme’s manual format assay kits, including the following kits for wine analysis:

Acetic acid:  K- ACETRM, K-ACET 
Ascorbic acid:  K-ASCO 
Citric acid:  K-CITR 
Gluconic acid:  K-GATE 
Lactic acid:  K-DATE, K-DLATE, K-LATE 
Malic acid:  K-DMAL, K-LMAL 
Tartaric acid:  K-TART

Acetaldehyde:  K-ACHYD 
Ethanol:  K-ETOH 
Fructose/Glucose:  K-FRUGL 
Glycerol:  K-GCROL, K-GCROLGK 
Succinic Acid:  K-SUCC 

User Experience with the MegaQuant™ Wave

The wine laboratory is as important to the success of a winery as any other element.... In my laboratory I have run acetic acid, L-malic acid, glucose,fructose, SO2 free and total tests on [the MegaQuant Wave]. Every one of the test results came well within the standards expected for any wine analysis. The precision of the tests was excellent.
                                                                                                                                    - Richard Carey PhD, writing in Wines and Vines

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