Megazyme launches three new kits to complement the RINTDF method for Total Dietary Fiber (AOAC 2017.16).

K-RINTDF launch. Rapid Integrated Total Dietary Fiber

Megazyme launches three new kits to complement the RINTDF method for Total Dietary Fiber (AOAC 2017.16).

  • K-RAPRS measures Resistant Starch using a new Rapid method

  • K-DSTRS measures Digestible Starch and its components, plus Resistant Starch

  • K-AVCHO measures Available Carbohydrates, a companion parameter to dietary fiber 

Like RINTDF, the new kits employ an improved, physiologically relevant enzyme hydrolysis step which more accurately simulates conditions in the small intestine and produces results in close alignment with in vivo studies.

The most significant change reduces the traditional 16 h incubation step to just 4 h, in line with the transit time of food in the small intestine.

K-RAPRS image Megazyme

Resistant Starch Assay Kit (Rapid)
Product Code: K-RAPRS

Based on the groundbreaking RINTDF method (AOAC 2017.16), K-RAPRS introduces a new procedure that generates the most accurate and physiologically-relevant in vitro results available for resistant starch.
Results obtained correlate closely with those of AOAC 2002.02

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K-DSTRS Image Megazyme

Digestible and Resistant Starch Assay Kit
Product Code: K-DSTRS

Food laboratories can now measure the digestible and resistant components of starch with a single kit. For each sample, results are obtained for Rapidly Digested Starch (RDS), Slowly Digested Starch (SDS), Total Digestible Starch (TDS) and Resistant Starch (RS).
 K-AVCHO Image Megazyme Available Carbohydrates Assay Kit 
Product Code: K-AVCHO
Available Carbohyrates is a key parameter required for nutritional tables, representing the digestible component of a food's carbohydrate content.
The non-digestible component (Total Dietary Fiber) of a sample is typically measured alongside its avCHO, making this kit an ideal companion for K-RINTDF.
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