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How to Place My Order

How to place an order with Megazyme 

Browse our full product range in our 'Online Store'.

Use our navigation menu to locate the product you require, alternatively search on the product code or name.

To purchase the product you have selected; click on the ‘Shopping Cart Icon’.

You will be directed to the shopping cart page where your selected product will be displayed. Click on the ‘Secure Checkout’ button in order to continue the purchasing process or alternatively the ‘Keep Shopping’ button to continue browsing products. You can navigate between product categories using the side menu.

If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so when you proceed to the checkout. You will also be given the option to register as a Megazyme customer or continue as a guest shopper.

On the checkout page select an address from the the ‘Select Shipping Address’ drop down box or fill-in a new shipping address in the boxes provided. Any new addresses added to the checkout screen will automatically be stored in the 'My Account' section of our website. Shipping addresses can be maintained by clicking on 'My Account' and choosing the 'Address Book' option.  Please note you must be Logged in to access this feature.

Select a ‘Payment Method’.

  1. Select credit card payment
  2. Select pay by company account

Click on the ‘Place Order’ button to complete transaction