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Pioneering Research in Diagnostic Testing

Megazyme is a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits for the food, feed, dairy and wine industries.  Megazyme is unique in being the only company worldwide specifically developing and supplying diagnostic test kits and reagents for the beverage, cereals, dairy, food, feed, fermentation, biofuel and wine industries. From the company’s inception as a manufacturer of test kits and reagents, Megazyme has become a globally recognised leader in the development of new testing methods for carbohydrates and enzymes for the cereals and related industries.

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The Megazyme Group 


Megazyme was founded in 1988 by Barry McCleary, CEO, who received his PhD degree in 1975 from the University of Sydney, and DScAgr degree in 1989 from the same University. He has received  awards globally for his contributions to analytical chemistry, including the Guthrie Medal from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, the Harvey W. Wiley Award from AOAC International, the Clyde H. Bailey Medal from ICC and the Edith A. Christensen award and the Applied Research Medal from AACC International.  In 2010 he received the inaugural 'International Achievement Award' from the University of Sydney. McCleary served as President Elect, President and Chair of the Board of AACC International from 2009-2011. In 2014 McCleary was awarded The University of Sydney Alumni Award for International Achievement in recognition of his contribution to the enrichment of society through his commitment to improving food quality throughout the world.     

As a winner of various business awards including the 2015 Life Sciences Exporter of the Year Award, the Innovation section of the Irish Exporters Awards in 2012 and the 'Irish Small Business of the Year and Innovator of the Year' in 2013. Megazyme also won the Overall Award at the SFA National Business Awards in 2013. 

Megazyme Inc.

Megazyme Inc. was established in 2015 in order to better support our many US customers.

Megazyme is committed to the development of improved test kits and reagents for the food, feed, fermentation, wine and dairy industries. In 2005, the research facility was extended to accommodate a new molecular biology division. This initiative was undertaken to allow the company to produce a wide range of enzymes for research and for inclusion in new analytical test kits for the food and wine industries.

In order to accommodate larger fermentation capabilities and a new synthetic organic chemistry laboratory, Megazyme further again extended its research facility in 2013. 

Megazyme has developed a range of test tablets to measure amylase, cellulase, b-glucanase, mannanase, xylanase, protease and many others.  These assays are finding widespread acceptance and are currently being adopted by the enzyme manufacturing companies as part of their quality control.  Other products include a wide range of novel, highly purified enzymes, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides.

Method Validation and Recognition by Official Bodies

Megazyme test kits have attracted worldwide acclaim for their genuinely innovative nature and for the exceptional purity of the enzymes employed. Many of the Megazyme test kits have been validated as Official Standard Methods following rigorous inter-laboratory evaluations under the auspices of official scientific associations, such as AOAC INTERNATIONAL, AACC International, RACI, EBC and ICC.  This stamp of approval has ensured that we can deliver accurate, reliable, quantitative and easy-to-use test methods that meet our customers’ quality specifications.

Many of the analytical methods developed by Megazyme have become the official reference method recommended by the appropriate regulatory body for the area in question. In the area of dietary fiber for example, the international body that sets guidelines for national governments is called CODEX Alimentarius. Of the 14 methods currently approved by CODEX for the measurement of total dietary fiber and dietary fiber components, four were developed by Megazyme.

The table below shows the official bodies that have approved various Megazyme test procedures. Also shown are their abbreviations which are used from pages 16-62 in the relevant individual assay descriptions.

Abriviations Table

Dr Barry McCleary attends the SFA Awards 2013
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