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Megazyme is a global leader in analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits. From our headquarters in Bray, Megazyme is able to develop, manufacture, and supply products for laboratories around the world.  Our products have found applications in a diverse range of industries, including food and beverages, biofuel, animal feed, wine and brewing, dairy, and cereals.


Cutting-edge research is at the core of Megazyme. Our novel test methods and reagents are developed by scientists for scientists, and we are the sole worldwide producer for a number of industry-standard products. We offer best-in-class service and support to end-users and distributors alike, including technical advice straight from our researchers and expedited delivery to 220 countries worldwide.

Megazyme test kits are approved as validated methods by worldwide regulatory institutes in both research and industry. As our global reach has grown, we have been proud to receive ongoing recognition from scientific associations and industry bodies internationally.


The Megazyme Group 

Barry McCleary Founder

Prof. Barry McCleary, CEO, received his PhD in 1975 from the University of Sydney, and DScAgr degree in 1989 from the same University.  His contributions to analytical chemistry have been recognised at the highest international level, including the Guthrie Medal from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, the Harvey W. Wiley Award from AOAC International, the Clyde H. Bailey Medal from ICC, the Edith A. Christensen award, and the Applied Research Medal from AACC International. 

From 2009-2011, Prof. McCleary served as President-Elect, President and Chair of the Board of AACC International. In 2010 he received the inaugural International Achievement Award from the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Sydney and was recognised again in 2014 with the overall University of Sydney Alumni Award for International Achievement, awarded for his contribution to the enrichment of society through his commitment to improving food standards throughout the world.



Megazyme was founded in 1988 and has been based in Bray, County Wicklow since 1996. Megazyme’s research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and business headquarters are co-located on a single campus, which has grown as the company has expanded and diversified.
In 2005, Megazyme extended its research centre to accommodate the new Molecular Biology division. The research laboratories were extended further in 2013 to increase Megazyme’s fermentation capabilities and house a new synthetic Organic Chemistry laboratory. 

As a company, Megazyme is recognised as one of Europe’s dynamic and innovative life sciences companies. In 2016, Megazyme received the Ruban D’Honneur for entrepreneurship at the prestigious European Business Awards and won the Irish Times Innovation Award in the Life Sciences and Healthcare category.

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Megazyme Inc.

Based in Chicago, our subsidiary Megazyme Inc. was established in 2015 in order to provide specialised support to our many customers in the United States.      

US distributor for the wine industry: BSG Wine
US representative for analytical laboratories: WRRS Food & Nutrition Insights

Pioneers in Diagnostic Testing

Megazyme’s research efforts are focussed on the development of test kits and reagents for use in analytical and research laboratories. Megazyme test kits – developed and manufactured in-house – have attracted worldwide acclaim for their genuinely innovative methodologies and for the exceptional purity of the enzymes bundled with the kits.

At Megazyme, we have leveraged our expertise in cereals research to create products suitable for a wide range of industries. Our products are primarily used by producers and scientists in the food, feed, dairy, wine, and fermentation industries. Our enzyme test tablets have been adopted by enzyme manufacturers around the world as part of their quality control processes.

Method Validation and Recognition by Official Bodies

Many of the analytical methods developed by Megazyme have been validated as official standard methods, recommended by the relevant regulatory bodies and scientific associations following rigorous inter-laboratory evaluations. For example, Codex Alimentarius (the United Nations body that sets guidelines for national governments in the area of food standards) has approved 14 methods for the measurement of total dietary fiber and dietary fiber components – of which four were developed by Megazyme.

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 validated methods >>


These stamps of approval demonstrate that we can deliver accurate, reliable, quantitative and easy-to-use test methods that meet our customers’ exacting specifications. The following official bodies have approved one or more Megazyme test procedures:

 Abbreviation Name of Body
AACC American Association of Cereal Chemists                                                                        
AOAC Association of Official Analytical Chemists
ASBC  American Society of Brewing Chemists
CCFRA Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group                                 
CODEX Codex Alimentarius
ICC International Association for Cereal Science and Technology

Many other methods developed by Megazyme conform to specifications set by a range of other associations, including:         

 Abbreviation Name of Body
AIJN Association of the Industry of Juices and Nectars from Fruits and Vegetables         
DIN Deutsch Industrie Norm (German Standard)
EBC European Brewery Convention
EEC Council of European Communities
EN European Norms
GOST Gosstandart (Russian Standard)
ICUMSA International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis 
IDF International Dairy Federation 
IFU International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers 
IOCCC International Office of Cocoa, Chocolate and Confectionery 
ISO  International Organisation for Standardization 
IUPAK International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry 
JECFA  Joint FAO / WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives 
MEBAK  Central European Brewing Committee for Analysis 
NBN  Norme Belge (Belgian Standard) 
NEN  Nederlandske Norm (Dutch Standard) 
NF  Normes Françaises (French Standard) 
NMKL  Nordisk Metodikkomité for Næringsmidler (Nordic Committee of Food Analysis) 
OIV  L’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (International Wine Office) 
RACI  Royal Australian Chemical Institute