The new Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit (Megaplex Red) from Megazyme


The new Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit (Megaplex Red) (K-MRH202) from Megazyme is a rapid, sensitive and user-friendly method for the specific measurement of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in foodstuffs, beverages, wastewater and other samples in which H2O2 measurement is of paramount importance.

This new product is based on a well-established biochemical process and has significant advantages over other H2O2 methods which are currently available on the market.


Simple format – Well-suited to automation and high-throughput analysis and compatible with microplate well screening.
User friendly – A simple protocol involving single-point calibration without the need of a standard curve. Detailed instructions and Mega-Calc™ available for hassle-free raw data processing.
Flexible detection method – Protocols for H2O2 analysis using either a fluorimeter or UV spectrophotometer available. The fluorimeter detection is recommended for applications requiring higher sensitivity.
Advantageous over competitor kits – Lower cost/test and simpler assay format than competitor kits based on the same assay principle and detection method.


Area           Application
Research & Commercial Laboratories           Routine H2O2 analysis for R&D applications where high sensitivities are needed. The high-throughput format and microwell plate compatibilities make this kit particularly suited to commercial laboratories.
Wastewater processing     Residual H2O2 can be monitored in wastewater processing where it is used to disinfect process equipment.  
Food & Beverages Detection of H2O2 levels in beverages and food products where H2O2 may be used to sanitise or to improving colouring.
Wine industry Detection of residual H2O2 levels in wine where H2O2 is used as an additive to remove sulphur dioxide.

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