The new D-Glucose Assay Kit (Megaplex Red) from Megazyme


The D-Glucose Assay Kit (Megaplex Red) (K-MRGLUC) from Megazyme is a simple, accurate and user-friendly method for the specific measurement and analysis of D-glucose in foodstuffs, beverages and other materials.

This new product for analysis of D-Glucose has significant advantages over other D-Glucose tests which are currently on the market.

Advantages of K-MRGLUC:

Simple format – Well suited to automation and high throughput analysis and compatible with microplate well screening.
Increased sensitivity – Recommended for analytical applications requiring high sensitivity and limited sample volume availability. Glucose detection levels as low as 0.9 μg/mL can be measured. 
User friendly – A simple protocol involving single-point calibration without the need of a standard curve. Detailed instructions and Mega-Calc™ available for a hassle-free raw data processing.
Advantages over competitor kits – Lower cost/test and higher sensitivities than competitor kits based on the same assay principle and detection method.
Flexible detection method – Protocols for glucose analysis using a fluorimeter or UV spectrophotometer available.


Area           Application
Research & Commercial Laboratories           Routine glucose analysis for R&D applications where high sensitivities are needed and limited sample volume are available. The high-throughput format and microwell plate compatibilities make this kit particularly suited to commercial laboratories.
Enzyme Manufacturers      For the accurate measurement of D-glucose in fermentation applications where high sensitivity is needed. 
Food & Beverages For the detection of D-glucose in food and beverages where high sensitivity is needed.

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