New Formaldehyde Assay Kit (K-FRHYD) - Rapid accurate and user friendly


The new Formaldehyde Assay Kit (K-FRHYD) from Megazyme is a rapid, accurate and user-friendly method for the specific measurement and analysis of formaldehyde in industrial and environmental samples, foodstuffs, beverages, and other materials.

The Megazyme method employed has significant advantages over other formaldehyde tests that are currently on the market.

Advantages of K-FRYHD:

Cost-effective – At €2.70/ test, less expensive than competitors.
Low levels detected – Limit of Quantification (LOQ) of 1.8 µM (0.054 mg/mL).
Less interference – Accurate in the presence of high levels of ethanol and in samples containing acetaldehyde.
Fluorimeter not required – Enzymatic testing based on NAD to NADH conversion. The results are measurable at 340 nm using a standard UV-VIS Spectrophotometer.


Area           Application
Environmental & industrial samples Formaldehyde is extensively produced industrially worldwide for use in the manufacture of resins, as a disinfectant and fixative, or as a preservative in consumer products.
Food & Beverages          Due to its toxicity and its widespread use, exposure to formaldehyde is a significant consideration for human health.  Background levels of formaldehyde in food products are variable and range from values below 1 mg/kg in milk to over 200 mg/kg in some fish species.
Research & analytical laboratories        Routine analytical analysis or R&D projects – ideal for labs requiring high throughput UV-VIS testing with a lower cost.   

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