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arabinoxylan toolkit

Arabinoxylan Toolkit

Arabinoxylan is a significant component of cereal hemicelluloses. It has become a functional food ingredient of interest with beneficial health benefits linked to its prebiotic effects. Understanding the enzymatic mechanisms for the complete degradation of this polysaccharide is also essential for the biofuels industry by allowing the efficient conversion and utilisation of plant biomass.

beta glucan toolkit

Beta-Glucan Toolkit

Mixed linkage (1,3:1,4)-β-glucan is found in the endosperm cell walls of cereal grains such as oat and barley, and to a lesser extent wheat and rye. This polysaccharide and the enzymes responsible for its degradation are both crucially important to the food, feed and brewing industries. 

starch toolkit image

Starch Toolkit

Starch is the main source of carbohydrates in the human diet. It occurs in plants as a storage polysaccharide and is found in high abundance in seeds and tubers. Starch is clearly of huge importance to the food industry but is also important to the paper, textiles, bioplastics and oil industries.