The new Histamine Assay Kit from Megazyme


The new Histamine Assay Kit (K-HISTA) from Megazyme is a rapid, accurate and user-friendly method for the specific measurement and analysis of histamine in foodstuffs, beverages and other materials.

The Megazyme method employed has significant advantages over other enzymatic histamine tests which are currently on the market.

Advantages of K-HISTA:

Cost-effective – At €3.00/ test, less expensive than competitors manual enzymatic Histamine tests.
User friendly – No standard curve required for a quicker and simpler analysis.
Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing.
Safer – No methanol required for histamine extraction procedure.
Simple format – Well suited to automation.
Specific for histamine.


Area           Application
Food & Beverages          Histamine levels in food products can be used as an indicator of food spoilage, as histamine is often produced as a result of bacterial contamination. Testing is used particularly for fish and fermented food products.
Research & analytical laboratories        Routine analytical analysis or R&D projects – ideal for labs requiring high quality, high throughput, low cost histamine testing.   

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Product code: K-HISTA

If you need assistance in using the kit, please connect with our Technical Support Online.