Megazyme: We remain Open for Business

Megazyme Logo 2020

Following the announcement from the Irish Government on 27th March on further business closures we wanted to inform our customers that Megazyme is classified as an ‘essential service’ and as such we will continue to operate throughout this time.

Megazyme has taken proactive steps to ensure that everything in our control has been done to ensure consistent supply through this uncertain period.

  • All products are in stock and available on our website.
  • We have multi-year stocks of raw materials and bulk finished goods in place to see us through this event.
  • Megazyme has taken necessary measures to ensure the continued safety and protection of our team.

The only element of ‘continued supply’ that is outside our control is with our supply partners, DHL. DHL have been classified as an ‘essential service’ also and will also continue to operate during this time. We are in constant contact with DHL and receive daily updates on their logistics.

‘The DHL Express global network is still operational although there are some operating restrictions in certain countries due to certain limitations and closures imposed by local Governments. Please be advised that these limitations may lead to slight delays.’ 
DHL 28th March 2020

Should you have any specific queries please contact