Megazyme launch Resistant Starch Kit

Megazyme has just launched its new test method for Resistant Starch.  Resistant Starch (RS) is that portion of the starch, which is not broken down by human enzymes in the small intestine.  It enters the large intestine where it is partially or wholly fermented. RS is generally considered to be one of the components that make up total dietary fibre (TDF).

Starch manufacturers are now pushing to get their resistant starch products to market.  This has provided an opportunity for Megazyme.  There are tests for resistant starches, but none are accredited as a standard by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC).  Nor are the tests able to measure only those starches that have a proven physiological action.

This Megazyme assay method allows the measurement of resistant starch, solubilised starch and total starch content of samples.  The test method is now undergoing AOAC interlaboratory evaluation, involving 30 collaborators worldwide.

Megazyme now has a ready market for the product, which is already available in kit format. The manufacturers will use it to prove the value of their products and the international food watchdog organisations will be able to monitor claims made about products on supermarket shelves.

All technical information can be downloaded from the Megazyme website on

Irish Biotech News, BioResearch Ireland - September 2001