Megazyme @ 25

Megazyme at 25 yearsMegazyme International Ireland, the leading developer and supplier of enzymatic test kits and analytical reagents, is marking its twenty fifth year in business serving the diagnostic needs of the scientific community.

The Megazyme story began in 1988 when Dr. Barry McCleary founded the company with the specific aim of developing and supplying diagnostic test kits and analytical reagents for the cereals and allied industries. Over the last 25 years the business has developed and diversified. Not only has Megazyme become a world leader in the development and supply of diagnostic test kits and analytical reagents for the cereals industry, but the food, feed, fermentation, brewing and wine industries as well.

Megazyme has come a long way from its early beginnings in Sydney 25 years ago, 10690.58 miles to be exact. In 1996 the company moved to a purpose built research facility in Bray, Ireland. In 2005, this facility was expanded to accommodate a Molecular Biology Division and to allow expansion of analytical and production facilities. That early expansion was not the end of Megazyme’s commitment to development, the completion of Megazyme’s new onsite organic chemistry facility and expanded production facility is expected before the end of 2013.

Continuous investment in research and development together with a commitment to quality has enabled the company to navigate the difficult economic reality of recent years and focus on the future. Most recently a range of products have been developed specifically tailored to facilitate bio-fuels research. This new area of operation makes a welcome addition to the company’s extensive product range which includes over 500 products, supplied to customers from over 90 countries.

The key to Megazyme’s continued success is not only an investment in facilities, but an investment in our workforce. The company has steadily grown over the last twenty five years and now boasts a diverse team of enthusiastic and dedicated employees from a range of scientific and non-scientific backgrounds.

Throughout its twenty five year journey Megazyme has used each modest success as the building blocks of greater achievements, that unwavering commitment to sustainable innovation continues to be Megazyme’s driving force heading into the future.