Megazyme and the 68th Australasian Grain Science Conference

For the past 23 years, Megazyme has proudly sponsored the Australasian Grain Science Association Service Award. Recipients are awarded in recognition of exceptional and sustained service to the Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA).

Pictured below is Jennifer Dang, this year’s Awardee, being presented with her award by Megazyme CEO, Prof. Barry McCleary

AGSA Award 68th Australasian Grain Science Conference

Megazyme also received an award at this year’s conference; the award for the Best Poster Presentation.

The poster entitled “Quantitative Measurement of Fructan (Inulin, Levan and Branched) in Animal Feeds”, by Barry V. McCleary and Lucie M. J. Charmier explains why there was a need for a modification to the existing K-FRUC procedure (AOAC Method 999.03, developed by Megazyme). It explains how the production and addition of a recombinant endo-levanase into the fructanase mixture has resulted in quantitative measurement of inulin-type fructans, highly branched fructans and levan-type fructans (i.e. all types of fructan).

View full poster here

Barry Poster award megazyme

Prof. McCleary (centre) was presented with this award by Dr. Lyndsay O’Brien (left) and Dr. Joe Panozzo (right).