Megazyme and Movember

Movember aims to change the way in which men approach their health, empowering them to talk about their health through raising awareness of men’s health issues, chiefly cancers affecting men, in a light hearted and inclusive way. This noble aim is achieved through the cultivation of glorious moustaches throughout the month of November. Movember hopes to increase early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment of all cancers including prostate and testicular cancer. These aims broadly correspond to those of the Irish cancer society, and with the much needed funds raised through Movember the Society can increase cancer awareness, fund cancer research and provide a cancer information centre for men who are diagnosed with the disease. 
This year the Movember cause brought a group of gentlemen from across Megazyme together to form the team “MOZYME”. This elite unit of Megazyme professionals are courageously sprouting   magnificent examples of the fabled moustache throughout the month of November in order to raise awareness and funds for the cause. 
Remember Mo Sistas smile at a Mo Bro, complement his Mo. That helps them grow. FACT.