Lactose Assay Kit (K-LOLAC) Granted AOAC Final Action Status! AOAC Method 2020.08

Final Action Status Approved K-LOLAC News Megazyme

Megazyme’s Lactose Assay Kit (K-LOLAC) has been granted AOAC Final Action status: AOAC 2020.08.

Megazyme’s K-LOLAC assay will be the first method approved by AOAC for the measurement of lactose in lactose-free products.

Benefits of K-LOLAC over Common Enzymatic Assays

SENSITIVE – Can quantify lactose at lower limits than all other available enzymatic assays - essential for low-lactose and lactose-free products.

EFFICIENT – First sequential enzymatic assay for lactose, i.e. reduced analyst hands-on time and increased cost effectiveness.

SELECTIVE  – Uses an exclusive enzyme which hydrolyses lactose more selectively than competing methods leading to reduced overestimation.

ACCURATE – Method includes 15 min pre-incubation step to remove high background glucose levels, allowing rapid accurate measurement in low-lactose and lactose-free products.

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