Innovation at Megazyme

Megazyme International is a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of innovative diagnostic technology for the food, feed, fermentation, dairy, wine & biofuels industries.

Analytical Methods

Megazyme is continually investing in research to facilitate the development of novel and innovative analytical methods.

endo-Cellulase Assay Kit

A novel test method that employs patented technology for the measurement of endo-cellulase activity. endo-Cellulase is the most important enzyme in biomass utilisation. This is a simple method to replace traditional, more laborious methods.

Fructan Assay Kit

A modification to the standard analytical method for the measurement of fructan has been developed to enable the measurement of “prebiotics” (fructo-oligosaccharides) in baby formula.

Enzymatic Yeast β-Glucan Kit

A novel test method employing highly pure enzymes to measure yeast beta-glucan in feeds. Yeast beta-glucan is used in the supplementation of chicken feed to act as an immunostimulant replacing the use of antibiotics.

Wine Analysis Test Kits

Liquid formulations of co-factors used in Megazyme test kits have been developed to provide extended stability in solution. This provides ease of use to the “end user” removing the requirement to aliquot and freeze / thaw co-factor solutions.

Dietary Fibre Kit

A novel method for the measurement of total dietary fibre that conforms to the definition of total dietary fibre accepted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) in 2009. 

Manufacturing Processes

Megazyme has applied innovation not only in the conception of new products but also in methodology used in the manufacturing processes.

Eukaryotic Protein Expression System

The introduction of a eukaryotic protein expression system at Megazyme has enabled the production of ultra-pure enzymes that would otherwise be unavailable. 
In conjunction with a purpose built fermentation facility more enzymes will be produced via this expression system and such enzymes have already been used in novel analytical methods.  

Quality Control

Megazyme’s ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures the highest standards of quality control are applied throughout product manufacture and supply. These processes are continually assessed for potential improvements in efficiency while maintaining the highest quality.

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

A new building housing a dedicated organic chemistry laboratory is planned for completion in 2013. In addition to improved research capabilities this new facility will provide the capability to manufacture carbohydrate-based substrates on a production scale.