Going Paperless - Kit Assay Protocols Exclusively Online


Megazyme now provides Kit Assay Protocols (Data Booklets) exclusively online, reducing the environmental impact of printing paper copies.

Where can you find the Assay Protocols online?

Option 1. Search Bar

a) Use the search bar located at the top of every page of www.megazyme.com.
b) Select ‘Assay Protocols’ in the drop down menu.
c) Enter your product code or product name, see below.


Option 2. Product Pages

Assay Protocols can be accessed from the relevant product page at www.megazyme.com.
View or download the Assay Protocol from the link located below the product image/video, see below.


Option 3. Knowledge Base

The Megazyme Knowledge Base contains a complete list of our Assay Protocols and Data Sheets.
Go directly to the Knowledge Base.

Other support documents such as COAs, SDS and Mega-Calcs™ can also be viewed or downloaded from the product page.