Enzymes for Glycobiology Research

Glycobiology research involves the study of carbohydrate biosynthesis, structure and function in biology. Many glycoproteins exist in mammalian cells and consist of oligosaccharides covalently linked to proteins. Research over the past decade has highlighted the advanced role oligosaccharides of glycoproteins play in cell signalling and various disease states. One such example is displayed by a form of rheumatoid arthritis where immunoglobulin G lacks galactose content.

Research in glycopathology of glycoproteins continues with the study of structure / function relationships of the oligosaccharide moieties.  Various techniques are used to elucidate the structure of these oligosaccharides and one such technique is the use of enzymes; glycosyl-hydrolases that are able to specifically hydrolyse glycosidic-linkages within the oligosaccharide.
Megazyme has recently launched a new section of enzyme products for glycobiology research. These enzymes are produced and supplied by Megazyme and more enzymes for glycobiology research are in development. All of these enzymes can be supplied in various formulations to suit requirements. 

 α-N-Acetylgalactosylaminidase (microbial)
 β-Glucuronidase (Escherichia coli)
 β-N-Acetylhexosaminidase (microbial)  
 endo-α-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase (E. faecalis) 
 exo-α-Sialidase (Clostridium perfringens)  
 exo-α-Sialidase (S. typhimurium