EBC Symposium

EBC SymposiumDr. Claudio Cornaggia, Senior Scientist at Megazyme at the EBC Symposium,  Poland

I had the pleasure to be a speaker on behalf of Megazyme at the 2016 EBC Symposium that was held in Wrocław, Poland which is the European Capital of Culture for 2016. The EBC Symposium is an International meeting of scientists and technologists involved in the brewing science community. This edition of the symposium was centred on the theme ‘Modern Brewhouse Technologies and Wort Production’. The scientific lecture I presented highlighted the latest products by Megazyme in the field of malt analysis, brewing and cereal breeding. These products are the ultimate solution for the analysis of key enzymes in malt which are linked to important brewing qualities. A series of interesting lectures regarding all fields of the brewing process were presented at the EBC symposium. Several interesting cultural activities were also organised to bring together the attendees, such as a city tour, a river cruise and the visit to a local craft brewery on the day of their launch of a new beer that was created to revive an old beer style typical of the city of Wrocław. The 2016 EBC Symposium was an invaluable opportunity to promote Megazyme products with members of the brewing community and to gain an in-depth insights from brewers into the analytical technologies and the current methodologies in relation to the use of exogenous enzymes in beer production.

Please feel free to take a look through the presentation below:

Improving extract yield and wort viscosity