Bray firm meets Nobel Prize winner

Food research company meets with top scientist

Directors and staff of a Bray-based company had the honour of meeting with Dr. James Watson - former Nobel Prize Winner - recently to discuss the opening of their new Molecular Biology Division.

Megazyme, a world leader in the area of food science research, recently opened a new Molecular Biology Division at its Bray headquarters and met with Dr. Watson on April 28 last to discuss the latest advancements and developments within that area.

Dr. Watson - famed for the part he played in the discovery of the DNA double helix -was in Dublin to publicise his new book entitled “DNA: The Secret of Life”.

But he took time out from his busy schedule to meet with representatives from Megazyme at a private luncheon, where he answered all the “burning questions” - of which there were a few – that Megazyme’s molecular biologists had to ask him.

Angela Kennedy, Megazyme’s Business Director said he was an interesting and inspiring man, and they were delighted to meet him: “He’s an extremely approachable man and it was inspiring to listen to someone who has achieved as much as he has.”

“He’s had the biggest effect on where we are now as a business,” she said and he proved that he’s no slouch when it comes to business either: “He knew about our test kits and asked about our plans for the future – he’s a regular businessman,” Angela joked.

Personally autographed copies of Dr. Watson’s book and the numerous photographs taken on the day will now take pride of place within the Bray Business Park facility.

And the recent opening of the new molecular biology unit at Megazyme was just the latest in a long line of advances for the company.

Founded in Australia by Angela Kennedy and her husband Dr. Barry McCleary in 1988, the company managed a seamless re-location of their business from Australia to Ireland in October of 1996 and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

Gavin McGuire

The Bray People