Biotech firm unveils food tester

Megazyme Technical Director, Dr Barry McCleary, said yesterday that the test kit had been developed in response to the growing emphasis on nutritional labelling for foods.

“While dietary fibre values are usually reported, clearly defined values for glycemic carbohydrates are not,” said Dr McCleary.

Foods with a low glycemic index, such as brown rice, slowly release sugar in the body throughout the day rather in short bursts that can quickly lead to further cravings.

The centre was launched by Minister for Agriculture and Science Mary Coughlan, who praised the firm’s investment.

“Such in-company investment contributes to the Government and EU objective of investing 3 per cent of GDP in R&D and supports the growth of high-value indigenous product,” said Ms Coughlan.

She said the development of the test kits Megazyme specialises in underpinned the production of high-quality nutritious food for the consumer.

It plans to double its workforce to 32 over the next four years.

By Una McCaffrey

The Irish Times - Business News, 28th June 2005