AACCI Approval for Megazyme’s Integrated Total Dietary Fibre Method

Megazyme is proud to announce that our ‘Integrated Total Dietary Fibre Method’ has been approved as an official method by the American Association of Cereal Chemists.

Method 32-45.01 (Integrated total Dietary Fibre) (Codex Alimentarius Definition) determines total dietary fibre in foods and food ingredients, as defined by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The method quantitates high molecular weight dietary fibre (HMWDF), including resistant starch (RS), and low molecular weight soluble dietary fibre (LMWSDF), including nondigestible oligo-saccharides. In this method, enzymatic digestion at 37°C is used to simulate human intestinal digestion, followed by gravimetric isolation to quantitate HMWDF and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to quantitate LMWSDF. The method measures the complete range of dietary fibre components from RS (by utilizing the digestion conditions of Method 32-41.01) to digestion-resistant oligosaccharides (by incorporating the deionization and HPLC procedures of Method 32-40.01).