AACC International Meeting 2011

The much anticipated 2011 AACC International Annual Meeting took place over a four day period running from the 16th to the 19th of October, in the beautiful Palm Springs, California. 
The AACC International meeting represents an opportunity for both academic and commercial interests in the grain sciences from across the globe, to meet and exchange the most relevant and up to date ideas and experiences from across the industry. The event featured over thirty five seminars and research discussions, as well as 130 exhibitors from both industry and academic circles. 
As one of the main sponsors, Megazyme took part fully in the conference, maintaining an exhibit as well as providing a prize draw for delegates present in the exhibition hall. Prof. Barry McCleary, CEO of Megazyme International Ireland, as outgoing President of the AACC International, took part in many discussions and activities including the pre-meeting Workshop on Cereal Chemists working with Fibre. 
The event by all accounts lived up to its potential and was a resounding success, proving to be both informative and productive for all those involved.