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ChemWell®-T Automated Chemistry Analyzer

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ChemWell®-T Automated Chemistry Analyzer
ChemWell-T Automated Chemistry Analyzer D-CHEMT
Product code: D-CHEMT

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Manufacturer: Awareness Technology
Assay Format: Cuvette strips, 1 cm pathlength
Detection Method: Absorbance
Assay Rate: 100 tests / h
Test Settings: Download test files from Megazyme website
  • Programmed protocols for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits 
  • 100 tests per hour (maximum)
  • Batch analysis or continuous loading capability
  • Reflex testing (automatic dilution and retest of over-range samples)
  • PC-controlled using Windows® based software (A PC/Laptop with Windows® OS is required)
  • Reactions performed at ambient temperatures, 25oC or 37oC
  • Assay modes: Absorbance, single standard, factor, fixed time kinetics, kinetics by standard or factor, multi-calibrator point-to-point, linear regressions, cubic spline and percentage absorbance
  • Bichromatic and Monochromatic reading
  • Includes six long-life IAD filters
  • Liquid sensing probe tip
  • Self-monitoring mechanical and optics
  • Complete QC package

Megazyme International has teamed up with Awareness Technology to offer a complete automated analysis package.

The ChemWell®-T is a fully automated open system analyzer for biochemistry assays and is supplied with optimized programmed protocols ready for use with an extensive range of Megazyme test kits.

The ChemWell®-T performs biochemistry assays in 1 cm path length cuvette strips and, being equipped with 35 combined reagent and sample positions, is capable of performing 40 tests without intervention at up to 100 tests per hour. Cuvettes are easy to load and unload and the “continuous loading” capability allows tests to continue with ease.

The durability, flexibility, accuracy, precision and economical design of the 
ChemWell®-T make it an ideal analyzer to meet the needs of lower throughput laboratories.

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  Download Indices Files

Data booklets are located in the the Documents tab.

Data Booklets
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