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Test Kits and Reagents for ResearchMost of the problems experienced in the processing and utilisation of cereal and legume grains and fruits have been, or could be, resolved through focused applied and basic research programs. To facilitate researchers in these endeavours, Megazyme supplies a range of highly purified enzymes, analytical test reagents, assay kits, defined polysaccharides and oligosaccharide standards. The Megazyme range of products finds widespread application in research laboratories, from the plant breeder through to basic research and food processing and to the research community in general. 

Research Products:

Assay Kits

Reagent Mixtures

Enzyme Tablet Tests

Soluble Chromogenic Substrates

Insoluble (Crosslinked) Chromogenic Substrates


Carbohydrate Active enZYmes (CAZy)

Glycobiology Enzymes