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Milling and Starch Industries

Test Kits for Milling and Starch IndustryIn the milling of cereal grains to flour for food and feed applications, the quality of the feed-stock grain, and the recovered fractions are paramount.

Parameters such as "weather damage" (amylase content), starch and β-glucan contents, total dietary fibre, and starch damage are important. These parameters need to be monitored throughout production in order to optimise the process and to meet quality requirements. Properties of starch, such as the amylose/amylopectin ratio, are also important in determining end-use applications.

Milling and Starch Analysis Products:

Amylazyme Test Tablets

Amylose/Amylopectin Assay Kit

Beta-Glucan (Mixed Linkage) Assay Kit

Ceralpha (Alpha-Amylase) Assay Kit

Protazyme AK Test Tablets

Starch Damage Assay Kit

Resistant Starch Assay Kit

Total Dietary Fibre Assay Kit

Total Starch Assay Kit