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Fermentation and Enzymes

Enzymes and Fermentation IndustryEnzymes and Fermentation - Many aspects of the processing and up-grading of cereal and other plant products require the use of enzymes of plant and microbial origin. In the former case, enzymes are simply extracted from the plant material and subjected to purification and stabilisation processes, or are used in the plant material as part of the processing conditions (e.g. malt).

Microbial enzymes are produced by selected fungi and bacteria grown under well defined fermentation conditions. The organisms used are selected by large-scale screening of soil samples.

Screening for micro-organisms which produce novel enzymes, monitoring enzyme production in fermenters and following enzyme recovery during purification processes, requires the use of rapid and specific assay procedures and well defined substrates.

Analyte           Cat. No.        Analyte Significance Advantages of Megazyme Test Kits
Acetic Acid K-ACETRM A common fermentation product K-ACETRM is a rapid, manual assay kit employing AK and phosphotransacetylase. Stable reagents
Ammonia K-AMIAR Commonly measured in fermentation broths K-AMIAR has a very rapid reaction rate (~ 3 min at room temperature). Ideal for manual and auto-analyser applications. Stable reagents
α-Amylase K-CERA A major fermentation product Novel assay employing a defined oligosaccharide substrate. High sensitivity and specificity. AOAC Method 2002.01; AACC Method 22-02.01; ICC Standard No. 303; RACI Standard Method; CCFRA Flour Testing Working Group Method 0018
L-Asparagine / L-Glutamine / Ammonia K-ASNAM Common components of animal cell culture media Novel product, enabling all three analytes to be determined in less than 20 min. Manual and microplate format procedures given
Citric Acid K-CITR A product of fermentation Ideal for both manual and auto-analyser applications. Reconstituted citrate lyase stable for > 6 months at -20°C. Stable reagents
Ethanol K-ETOH Produced during alcoholic fermentation Rapid reaction, stable reagents (AlDH supplied as a stable suspension)
β-Glucanase K-CELLG3 A major fermentation product Novel assay employing a defined oligosaccharide substrate. High sensitivity, specificity and stability. Rapid reaction, ideal for manual and auto-analyser applications
β-Glucanase K-MBGL  A major fermentation product  Rapid reaction, stable reagents; RACI Standard Method 
D-Glucose K-GLUC
Common component of fermentation broths Rapid reaction, stable reagents
Glucose Oxidase K-GLOX A major fermentation product Rapid reaction. Simple format. Stable reagents
 L-Glutamine / Ammonia K-GLNAM Common components of animal cell culture media
Simple and rapid test gives values for ammonia and L-glutamine, stable reagents
Glycerol K-GCROL
A product of fermentation Rapid reactions, stable reagents
L-Lactic Acid
K-LATE  Produced predominantly from L-malic acid during malolactic fermentation  Rapid reaction, stable reagents. Ideal for manual and autoanalyser applications
L-Malic Acid K-LMAL
Common component of fruits All kits contain PVP to prevent tannin inhibition.
1. K-LMALR/L (manual) rapid reaction
2. K-LMALAF (auto) rapid reaction, excellent linearity
3. K-LMALMQ (manual, colorimeter based)
4. K-LMALQR (auto) liquid ready reagents
Succinic Acid K-SUCC Wine acid produced during fermentation Rapid reaction (~ 6 min at room temperature), stable reagents
Sucrose K-SUFRG
Added to increase the amount of alcohol. Use only permitted in certain situations Choice of simple formats available, based either on glucose oxidase / peroxidase, or hexokinase / G-6-PDH
Urea K-URAMR Source of Yeast Available Nitrogen (YAN) and precursor of the carcinogen ethyl carbamate. Oversupplementation with diammonium phosphate (DAP) can result in elevated levels Simple, very rapid (both urea and ammonia measured in < 10 min at room temperature) and sequential / efficient (only one cuvette required per sample)
α-Amylase T-AMZ200 A product of fermentation Rapid reaction, stable reagent.
AACC Method 22.05; RACI Standard Method
endo- Arabinanase T-ARZ200 A product of fermentation Rapid reaction, stable reagent
β-Glucanase S-ABG100 A product of fermentation Rapid reaction, stable reagent
Pullulanase S-RPUL A product of fermentation Rapid reaction, stable reagent
endo-β- Xylanase S-AXBP A product of fermentation Rapid reaction, stable reagent