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Detergent Industry

Test Kits and Reagents for Detergent IndustryDetergent Analysis- Due to continued biotechnological research, the detergent market continues to make progress in certain niches. Not only is it important that washing garments remain in pristine condition, but enviromental factors are also a major consideration. Biotechnology can contribute significantly to making detergents even safer for the environment.

The effectiveness of detergents has been improved by the addition of specific enzymes to solubilise and remove starch and protein-based stains. Until recently protein stains like blood were very difficult to remove with a normal detergent. Such stains could only be dealt with at high temperatures and even then the stain was only partly removed. Detergent proteases offered a solution and are being continuously improved.

Proteases break down protein stains, while other enzymes such as amylases remove starch stains.

The most commonly used enzymes are amylase and protease derived from Bacillus licheniformis. Megazyme has developed simple and reliable procedures for the analysis of these two enzymes employing Amylazyme tablets (alpha-amylase ), Azo-Casein (protease) and Protazyme AK tablets (protease).

Detergent Analysis Products: 

Alpha-Amylase (B. licheniformis)

Amylazyme Test Tablets

Amylazyme Red Test Tablets

Azo-Casein (Sulphanilimide dyed)

Glycerol Assay Kit

Protazyme AK Test Tablets

Cellazyme C Test Tablets