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Animal Feeds

Diagnostic Test Kits for Animal Feed Analysis Feed Analysis and Testing. Cereal grains and legume seeds are major components in the feed formulations for chickens and pigs. These materials contain a range of anti-nutritional factors such as non-digestible polysaccharides and oligosaccharides. Arabinoxylan in wheat and β-glucan in barley increase the viscosity of the gut content and reduce the rate of feed consumption and nutrient absorption.

These problems are alleviated by the addition of appropriate enzymes such as endo-xylanase and β-glucanase to the feed.

The major carbohydrate, anti-nutritional factors in legume seeds are the non-digestible raffinose-series-oligosaccharides. These can be converted to digestible sugars by α-galactosidase treatment. Megazyme has recognised the need for simple and specific assays for these anti-nutritional carbohydrates, and has developed the required test kits.

Analyte           Cat. No.        Analyte Significance Advantages of Megazyme Test Kits
Acetic Acid K-ACETRM Commonly found in feed or fermented feed K-ACETRM is a rapid, manual assay kit employing AK and phosphotransacetylase. Stable reagents
Ammonia K-AMIAR Commonly found in feed or fermented feed Rapid reaction rate (~ 3 min at room temperature). Ideal for manual and auto-analyser applications. Stable reagents
α-Amylase K-CERA

A key enzyme in most feeds and plant products Novel assay employing a defined oligosaccharide substrate. High sensitivity and specificity. AOAC Method 2002.01; AACC Method 22-02.01; ICC Standard No. 303; RACI Standard Method; CCFRA Flour Testing Working Group Method 0018
Available Carbohydrates / Dietary Fiber K-ACHDF Rapidly and slowly available sugars for digestion or fermentation Novel procedure, stable reagents
Fructan K-FRUC  Fructo-oligosaccharides in grasses and grains Only kit available. Stable reagents; AOAC Method 999.03; AACC Method 32-32.01
D-Fructose /
Major digestible carbohydrates in feeds Rapid reaction times, choice of simple formats available, ideal for manual and auto-analyser applications, stable reagents
Galactomannan K-GALM Reserve carbohydrate in many legume seeds Only kit available, stable reagents
β-Glucan (Barley and oats) K-BGLU Major cell-wall polysaccharide of barley and oats Rapid reaction, stable reagents, only enzymatic kit available. AOAC Method 995.16; AACC Method 32-23.01; EBC Methods 3.10.1, 4.16.1 and 8.13.1; ICC Standard No.166; RACI Standard Method
 β-Glucanase K-CELLG3 β-Glucanase in feed Novel assay employing a defined oligosaccharide substrate. High sensitivity, specificity and stability. Rapid reaction, ideal for manual and auto-analyser applications 
β-Glucanase K-MBGL Cellulase and β-glucanase levels in feeds Only kit available. Stable reagents. RACI Standard Method
L-Lactic Acid K-LATE Commonly found in fermented feed Rapid reaction, stable reagents. Ideal for manual and auto-analyser applications
Phytic Acid K-PHYT Found in most plant materials. Major form of bound phosphate in plant materials Novel procedure. Rapid reaction, stable reagents
Protein Digestibility K-PDCAAS The PDCAAS (ASAP-Quality Score) Method is a measure of protein quality U.S. Pat. No. 9,738,920. Control samples included. ASAP-Quality Score offers: Animal free. High correlation to rat digestibility. Much less expensive than rat model. Faster turnaround time for results
Raffinose / D-Galactose K-RAFGA Found in high levels in legume seeds. Causes discomfort and flatulence in pigs Rapid reaction, stable reagents
Resistant Starch K-RSTAR Starch that is not digested in the small intestine of monogastric animals Only kit available. Stable reagents AOAC Method 2002.02; AACC Method 32-40.01
Total Dietary Fiber K-TDFR
Carbohydrate not digested in small intestine 1. K-TDFR: AOAC Methods 985.29, 991.42, 991.43 & 993.19; AACC Methods 32-05.01, 32-06.01, 32-07.01 & 32-21.01.
2. K-INTDF is consistent with the CODEX Alimentarius definition of dietary fiber. AOAC Methods 2009.01 & 2011.25; AAAC Methods 32-45.01 & 32-50.11
Total Starch K-TSTA
Starch content of grain and feed Rapid assay formats with options of measuring D-glucose with GOPOD reagent or with hexokinase / G-6-PDH. Stable reagents. AOAC Method 996.11; AACC Method 76-13.01; ICC Standard No. 168; RACI Standard Method
endo-β-Xylanase K-XylX6 β-Xylanase in feed Rapid, colourimetric, assay with
excellent sensitivity and reproducibility. Suitable for use with automated analysis systems.
Beta-Glucanase S-ABG100 b-Glucanase in feed Rapid reaction. Sensitive. Stable reagent
endo-β-Xylanase S-AXBP b-Xylanase in feed Sensitive. Easy to use. Stable reagent
Protease S-AZCAS endo-Protease added to feed Easy to use. Stable reagent