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Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd

Official Distributor for the Food, Feed, Fermentation & Wine Industries in Taiwan

Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd. (THLS) the leading company in Taiwan handling Biotechnology products since 1976 and has more than 3 decades' marketing experiences in the fields of Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology, Immunology & Cell Biology with mass customers bases in Biomedical research, Biochemistry, Animal science, Cytogenetic, Agricultural technology, Microbiology and Biotec firms.  We are providing with all kinds of Reagents, Consumables and Instrumentations for the above fields’ related Laboratories use. In the past years, due to our skillful and professional operation system, company has been building up very good reputation in Taiwan Market. 

To be professional and to be consultants of experimental design are our goals and self-expectation.  So we make 5 business divisions based on different application in order to provide the best service before/after selling: Cell Culture business unit, Proteomics business unit, Genomics Business unit, Immunology Business unit and Bioimage business unit. Sales representatives from each business unit can be more focused on application and provide suitable recommended products to solve customers' questions.

Why are Megazymes products continuing to grow in Taiwan?
We put many efforts at customer service; there have 6 specialists for customers’ requirement, not only products information but also including the experiment result discussion. So customers are willing to ask our support at their laboratories. Of course, the selling will continuing grow in Taiwan.

What industries are currently using Megazyme products in Taiwan?
Our customers who use Megazyme can be divided into three parts;

1. University food department, almost 10 universities have food department; they can apply budget from our government for their research.

2. Food and wine industries, they use Megazyme products for their QC and R&D test. They are the major clients at Taiwan.

3. Verification, testing and certification companies who run test for their customers.