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Romer Labs

Romer Labs do Brasil Import e Export Ltda, 

Official Distributor for the Food, Feed & Fermentation Industries in Brazil

Romer Labs® is a leading provider of diagnostic solutions 
in the agricultural, food and feed industry.

Romer Labs® products and services address the entire agriculture and food value chain from screening at the producing farms to highly sophisticated reference laboratories. The company’s broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and professional services play a pivotal role in integrated food safety approaches. 
Romer Labs® aims to be at the forefront of diagnostic technology and constantly expands its product and service portfolio to continue to meet customer’s 
evolving demands.  

The fundamental objective of Romer Labs® is to provide scientifically sound, high quality products and services to make the world’s food safer.

Contact Details:

Romer Labs do Brasil Import e Export Ltda, 
Estrada Municipal Campinas / Campo Grande, s/no 
KM 8,3 Caixa Postal: 1082 
Cep: 13012-970, 
Campinas - SP, 

Tel: +55 19 3261-1417
Fax: +55 19 3261-1307