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Official Distributor for the Food, Feed, Fermentation & Wine Industries in France, Morocco, Algeria & Egypt

LIBIOS specialises in the sales of diagnostic kits that measure the quality and safety of food, feed and wine. They distribute their products to analytical labs, official labs, central labs, COFRAC, public & private, as well as for educational and re­search purposes. They are a market leader in this area throughout France.

LIBIOS are able to provide a very professional service to all its customers, through its expert knowledge and experience.

LIBIOS has been marketing Megazyme’s enzymatic kits and reagents since 2007 and offers solutions for the determination of my­cotoxins, allergens, GMO and plant diseases using different technologies including immuno-affinity columns, certified analytical standards, ELISA and enzymatic kits. They are constantly adding complementary and innovative products to its range.

As LIBIOS is continually growing, they wish to increase their market penetration. They moved their offices recently to a new bigger modern building (October 2013).

Questions to Libios:

Why are Megazyme products continuing to grow on the French Market?

-           As LIBIOS and MEGAZYME share the same goal of quality service and customer satisfaction, LIBIOS  are always reactive and present. The image of LIBIOS is very positive.

-           The sale team at LIBIOS appreciates to promote this range of good products and valorises easily the performance of these kits.

-           The quality of MEGAZYME products and the wide range always innovating is a very important factor in this development. The products are stable, pure and the service is efficient.

Dietary Fibre kit and enzymes are one of the best-selling Megazyme products in France. Why do you think that is?

Because some people say that we are strong, others that we are very strong.

LIBIOS knows since decades the cereal, animal feed producers and processors + private labs + official labs, this is the main reason that it has such success + close sales follow-up.

In addition, the high quality + rapid availability of all the MEGAZYME products + the full range of related items (beta-glucan, célite, controls-K-tdfc-, starch...) help the team at LIBIOS to be confident and to penetrate such markets.

Customers appreciate the high purity of enzymes and the technical and scientific experience of MEGAZYME, particularly in this field.

Contact Details:

83 Rue Edmond Michelet,
69490 Pontcharra Sur Turdine

Tel : +33 (0)4 74 13 03 02
Fax : +33 (0)4 74 05 28 25