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Food Tech Solutions

Official Distributor for the New Zealand Food, Feed, Fermentation & Wine Industries

An integral part of any food safety programme is the monitoring and control of plant cleanliness and product quality. This also includes the ongoing education of staff on the importance of personal hygiene.

Food Tech Solutions Ltd was established in 1998 to help satisfy the demand within the food industry for a source of products to assist this process.  We operate out of a manufacturing and distribution facility in Auckland, servicing customers on a national basis.

Our product range includes:

  • ATP analysers for rapid hygiene screening
  • Dilution vials for microbiology testing
  • Hand washing training aids
  • Instruments for the physical testing of foodstuffs and packaging
  • Test kits for wine testing and nutritional analysis

Rapid tests for:

  • Mycotoxins in grains and milk
  • Bacterial pathogens on food processing surfaces
  • Antibiotic residues in raw milk and other food matrices
  • Specific allergens in foods and on surfaces

Key Staff:

  • Peter Bailey, Director
  • Jackie Shore, Administration/Production Manager
  • Mairead Murphy-Coles, Product Manager
  • Sneha Lakshman Das, Technical Sales Representative
  • Saralyn Bracken, Project Manager -Transit Testing

Reasons why Megazyme products are continuing to grow in the NZ market include:

  • The diverse range of Megazyme products and the stock availability of common lines in New Zealand;
  • Fast supply of kits to the customer – stock items overnight, non stock items 5-7 working days
  • The technical support that is received from Megazyme – fast and efficient;
  • They are cost affective and easy to use;
  • Worldwide recognised Accreditation and Quality & Research Standards – which offers consistency and reliability of products sold.
  • The Megazyme range has established an excellent reputation and most of our new customers come on board from word of mouth - the products sell themselves!

How have you found working with Megazyme?
Megazyme are service driven with excellent customer service and technical expertise Megazyme are excellent at working with the customer and to the customer’s requirements – constantly developing new kits and more user friendly kit features. Megazyme work to high quality standards and strive to resolve any enquiries and technical support in a logical prompt and timely fashion.

Mairead Murphy-Coles
Product Manager,
Food Tech Solutions,
Auckland, NZ