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Deltagen Australia Pty. Ltd

The Official Distributor for the Food, Feed & Fermentation Industries in Australia

Deltagen Australia has been serving the food and beverage industries of Australia from their Melbourne office since 1993.

Originally producers of high quality food grade enzymes for the wine and brewing industries, Deltagen Australia now also specialises in the supply of flavours, colours, and processing aids to the food and beverage manufacturers of Australia.

Deltagen Australia has access to a vast network of products and technical support. This support, together with the expertise and experience of our staff, allows us to assist and identify specific solutions to your processing and manufacturing requirements.

Deltagen Australia is the Australian Agent for Megazyme, who are at the forefront of test technology in enzyme and in-vitro research.  We are now the distributor for Awareness technology and can supply spectrophotometers and auto- analysers pre-programmed to run with the Megazyme kits, in particular for the wine industry.

This enables us to assist our customers' needs both in production and the laboratory.

By working closely with you, Deltagen Australia can ensure the best product is used for each application. We are dedicated to our customers, our service, our products and our people.