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Coring System Diagnostix GmbH

Having started 1987 as a one-man show for distribution of diagnostic kit solutions into food and feed analysing markets CORING SYSTEM has developed meanwhile to one of the most important suppliers of such products in Germany, Switzerland and other EU countries.

In addition to the initially just antibody based analysing tools nearly any cleanup and detection technology for most parameters in drinks, food and feed quality control is offered now.

A competent team of sales experienced scientists helps to react quickly on customers inquiries, and our very effective in-house logistics system guarantees the quickest possible product shipment from our Gernsheim stock.

In case of product and/or performance problems immediate trouble shooting is realised by our sophisticated technical service at the clients lab or by phone from our headquarters in the center of Germany.

2010 another successful chapter started with MEGAZYME products closing the gap for our customers demands in the area of enzymatic assays and reagents.

Q: Why do you feel Megazymes products are performing so well in the Coring markets?

CORING SYSTEM has been active since more than 25 years developing excellent relationships with clients in dairy, juice, wine, beverage, food, feed and related quality control laboratories of government and industry as well as educational institutions.

CORING's reputation and the high product quality standards set by MEGAZYME are an invincible combination leading to the permanently growing usage of the MEGAZYME products in our markets.

Our clients do appreciate the high quality and storability of MEGAZYME products, CORING's mother tongue service both technical and logistics from our German offices as well as the shortest possible shipping times.

Coring System Diagnostix GmbH
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