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Cedarlane Corporation is an ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 certified privately held Canadian corporation. The company offers a myriad of biological's and biochemical's to Life Science researchers and clinicians across Canada providing products from virtually all of the World’s most renowned international manufacturers. Delivery is timely and all products are stored, received, and shipped at appropriate required temperatures. Employees work closely with both customers and suppliers offering a personalized and comprehensive experience to reflect the core value that customers are of the utmost importance. By providing a gateway to over two million global reagents customers have the advantage of freight consolidation and the convenience and cost savings inherent within.

Q: Why do you feel Megazymes products are performing so well on the Canadian market?

A: One of the main reasons that the Megazyme products are performing so well in Canada is due to our growing wine industry. In continued efforts to emerge as a high quality wine producing region, Canadian winemakers have become increasingly aware of the need for proper analysis of quality, stability and authenticity of wine via enzymatic analysis. Through Cedarlane, Canadians have fast and affordable access to the complete Megazyme product portfolio. Access to these high quality Megazyme resources enable Canadian manufacturers to improve their QC processes from harvest-to-bottling, resulting in higher quality products.

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