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Astori Tecnica s.n.c.

ASTORI TECNICA was founded by Mr. Oscar Astori on March 1st 1959 at downtown Brescia.

During the years our company has been increasing more and more, by opening new production and service areas, by hiring more expert employees and by investing in innovative and competitive technologies, along with the achievement of higher quality standards for our Customers’ and Distributors’ satisfaction.

Today, ASTORI TECNICA leans on 5 different guiding sectors to develop its business:

  • R&D and production
  • Exportation
  • Exclusive distributorship
  • Not-exclusive distributorship (Italian market, only)
  • Technical-applicative service expertise

The development and the production of our laboratory equipments are followed with great care; thanks to these activities, we get able to fulfil the new emerging market requirements and needs in a very short time. Our care for selected raw materials, with excellent reliability and the best quality/price ratio, allows us to propose innovative scientific instruments not only throughout Italian territory but - above all – in many foreign markets, where ASTORI TECNICA is currently represented and distributed successfully. Thanks to our distribution network, our products are spread throughout the 5 world continents.

Based upon the same care for the valuable standards and quality parameters, we have been developing commercial agreements with selected manufacturers for our exclusive distribution of peculiar scientific instruments, kits and other complementary products. These specific agreements usually cover a wide territory where our company is fruitfully represented by means of an established network of specialized local Dealers.

Why do you feel Megazymes products perform so well on the Italian market?

“The reasons why Megazyme products performs so well in our market are summarized as follows: all your products have a very high quality level, in particular the assay kits have a shelf life which is longer than all our competitors’ one: even after opening the reagent vials the kits can be used for more than one year (or even longer) without any loss of reactivity and this is felt by most of our customers as a great advantage. The after sales service is quick and efficient, too: thanks to our experience with most possible applications of your kits and their use, we are able to reply to most of our customers’ questions in a matter of hours; in case we cannot answer to some peculiar topics or doubts, Megazyme experts always support us very quickly. Another important issue is the rapid delivery time of Megazyme for all ordered goods which, along with our local stock of the most sold kits, help us keep our customers satisfied”.

Even though ASTORI TECNICA is currently distributed in many countries, worldwide, we are constantly looking for new foreign commercial Partners, to cover new territories and new sectors of the markets.

Our technical assistance is granted by means of our highly qualified personnel, who can perform quick and efficient repairs, calibrations and application studies, both in our service department and even abroad. Technical-commercial training courses are scheduled any time to inform and update our Distributors, and to help them be efficiently able to perform local installations and service of all our products and equipments.

Feel free to contact us, trustfully! You will find a competent and reliable partner for your lab needs!