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Barley is Better

Barley is Better D-BIB
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Barley is Better: 160 Recipes and 100 Vegan Alternatives made with the World's Healthiest Grain

From crepes to curry, smoothies to stir fries, chili to chapati, and straight on through bagels, dumplings, pudding, waffles, salads, omelettes, and tastes from around the world, this grain can do it all!

In this colourful and beginner-friendly recipe book, Rosemary and Walt Newman will show you how to buy barley, handle it, and use it to prepare delicious and healthy food for every meal of the day. Simple instructions and easy-to-use nutritional info make choosing and preparing a meal a pleasure.

Drawing on their combined 50 years of experience as PhD barley researchers, Rosemary and Walt also share their knowledge of barley’s history, its cultural importance, and its unique nutritional properties that can help you reduce cholesterol, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent diabetes.

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