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A Practical Introduction to Cereal Chemistry

A Practical Introduction to Cereal Chemistry D-PICC
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A Practical Introduction to Cereal Chemistry

This manual has been written with the view that the reader will know practically nothing about cereals and their chemistry to start with.  It has been written mainly for people who are just beginning their careers in one of the world’s most widespread technical fields.  It has been written because nobody else seems to have written such an introduction to a most fascinating and valuable area of life.  It has been written in the hope that some readers will focus on one or more areas of the field, upon which to build their careers, or research.  It has been written for some people who are simply not involved with the industry in any way, but would like to learn something about cereals, which form an important part of the diet of most of the world’s people.

The molecular concept of viewing and understanding cereal chemistry is introduced, and will be referred to from time to time, throughout.  The manual will focus on the practical aspects of cereal chemistry and will attempt to teach its readers how and why things happen, why things are done, and what the results should look like.  Some “philosophy” is included.  The reason for this is to inform the reader about some of the things that have had to happen to a sample before it arrives in the laboratory, as well as some thoughts, including some conjecture, about what might be taking place during the processing of cereals.  The manual is set up in sections, rather than in chapters, because some of the sections are quite small, and do not justify the title of “Chapter”.  There will be areas of repetition, because pieces of text that are repetitive have something to do with more than one section.  But repetition is a foundation stone for remembering (that’s an original!).

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